A-frame work desk

Design: Anderssen & Voll

Technology + rustic. That´s what A-Frame is about. The furniture gives an analogous feel in a modern office with its slightly warmer radiance. Comprehensive Nordic features and material choises. The storage thats the A-Frame serie is called Biblio.


A-Frame desks are made of 19 mm MDF with straight matching edge. Corner readius 0.

Desk sizes: 2000×900, 2000×800, 1800×900, 1800×800, 1600×900, 1600×800, 1400×900 and 1400×800 mm.

Handheld controller mounted under desk is standard, touchpad milled in desk is optional.

Cable lid in the same material as table top is optional.

Electric stand with solid wooden legs (table height 70-12 cm).


Desk top:

  • Veneer: oak, ash, black stained oak, dark stained ash, white pigmented oak, white pigmented ash)
  • Laminate: white, light grey, medium grey, anthracite, black
  • Linoleum: light grey, medium grey, black

Electric stand:

  • White (RAL9016) or black (RAL 9005) electric leg (range 50 cm) with solid wooden legs (oak, ash, black oak, dark ash, white oak, white ash)


  • Cable lid 250×150 mm in same material as the desk top
  • Cable tray in fel (anthracite) 300x220x80 mm
  • Metal shelf (white/black), diameter 250 mm
  • Free-standing metal shelf (white/black), diameter 250 mm
  • Desk screen, 500 mm over desk, in several different fabrics. For fabric price groups, see Product sheet.


A-frame is eco-labeled with the Swan.

For more information see Sustainability and Environment.

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