Design: Anderssen & Voll

Leather and bent wood adapted to the human body.
Stackable in slim design. This is a chair that adorns its place everywhere.


Base is a useful all-round chair with pressed seat shell, whose strong character is suitable for both standing alone and in small groups. It is available in three different designs: 1) veneered, 2) veneerd outside with upholstered inside and 3) fully upholstered. With or without armrests.

Chair with 4 legs

Stand of 19 mm steel pipe. Feet in black plastic. Stackable (max 8 pcs). Stack protection in felt is included for upholsted chairs. Connectable in version without upholstery.

Measurements: height 79 cm / depth 52 cm / seat height 46 cm / outer measurement legs 54 cm / outer measurement armrests 56 cm.

Chair with 5-star swivel

5-star swivel stand with wheels. Wheels with polyurethane roller conveyor, suitable for all floors.

Measurements: height 79 cm / depth 59 cm / seat height 46 cm / outer measurement legs 59 cm / outer measurement armrests 59 cm.

Chair with sled base

Sled base of 12 mm steel thread. Stackable and connectable.

Measurements: height 79 cm / depth 52 cm / seat height 46 cm / outer measurements legs 54 cm / outer measurement armrests 56 cm.


Veneer: ash and oak (nature/dark stained/white pigmented).

Upholstered: padding of cold foam. Available in meny different fabrics. For price groups see Product sheet.

Stand: Black (RAL 9005) and chrome.

Armrests in black TPE.


Base is labeled with Möbelfakta.

For more information see Sustainability and Environment.

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