Nomono work desk


Working habits today differs from what they did twenty years ago. Today people work on laptops, use cell phones rather than landline phones and few letters are handwritten. The cellular office is in the past. The work places has to change with the working method.

Nomono has integrated cable boxes covering the mess of cables often found at offices. The box is close at hand for you to charge your devices or connect the office through USB-ports. By connecting the different desks power supplies, unnecessary wiring is easily hidden.

We think it’s important that work places look different. Nomono can be customized for your liking. Chose accessories and coloring to match your taste or business profile. Nomono is specially designed to work in open office spaces. With its distinct horizontals the desks calms an environment which sometimes can come across as chaotic with desk screens in different heights.

Nomono is a thoroughly worked through work desk. A reliable, competent and good looking co-worker. 


Nomono is made out of 19mm PDF. Straight corners.

Gables  include legs, electrically adjustable desk height of 70-120 cm.

Accessories: A lock is available to the gable with storage and a cable gland is available on the outside of the gable.

Nomono has a different type of leg, a classic height adjustable T-leg. We call it Nomono T.

The work desk lighting Gloria with LED- technique is specially designed for the table.

For measurements and shapes see product sheet.


Nomono is available in white laminate, oak, ash, ebonized oak, ebonized ash, white pigmented oak, white pigmented ash and desktop.

Gables is available in white laminate or veneer.

For color chart on handles and accessories see product sheet.

Cable lid is made out of the same material as the table. The corners are polished MDF.


Nomono is eco-labeled with Svanen and also labeled with Möbelfakta.

For more information see sustainability and environment

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