Sometimes you need to break the mould and move a little closer. You may want to meet people on a different level. This is when new ideas emerge. These tailor-made pouffes and tables are ideal for small workshops or for a relaxed coffee break with colleagues. Put several together to create relaxation areas or use them as individual seats. Perfect in the office as a welcoming area for visitors.

Potomac pouffe is available in two different variants and shapes, as well as a seat back.


Use our PotomacCAD-webapp to create your own system!


Potomac pouffe is available in three different shapes and two backrests.

There is also a Potomac container with electric socket and place for a magazine stand or plant vessel. There is also a container prepared for a lamp.

In the Potomac series you will also find 2 coffe tables: see Products/Coffee table/Potomac.


You pick fabrics and colours after your own liking.

For price classes fabrics see: Product sheet


For more information see sustainability and environment.

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