DESIGN: Ola Hermansson & Maria Angantyr, MER

“Time for a meeting… time for a workshop… time for…” Time is a table designed for all kinds of activities. As well as conferences, it can be used as a temporary work station or for a variety of playful tasks. Multiple colours can be combined on the table tops and legs.

“We want the table to feel substantial. It must withstand the various activities throughout the day. Just like a steel constructions heavy beams, joined by bolts, the table top is simple and stable in its construction.”


Time conference table is made out of 19 mm MDF.

Table height of 72, 90 or 106 cm.

Legs in steel with bolts (bolts are available in divergent colours).

For measurement and shapes see product sheets.


Time table top is available in white, black and light gray  laminate.

Leg is available in white, black and light gray steel.

The bolts are available in white, black, light gray, gray, yellow and mint turquoise.


For more information see sustainability and environment.

Horreds_Time Time_konferensbordTime_konferensbord_2Time_konferensbord_3Time