VX conference accessories


VX conference table is builton a unique metal frame specially adapted after the needs our users have. To our conference tables have we got an accessorie called HUB. HUB is Horreds soloution in how to easily divide bigger tables into smaller working places for the activity based office. HUB supplies the user with electricity, network, HDMI etc. It’s easy to connect electricity and computers through the HUB. To the HUB following things are available: lamp, table screen and a side screen.


A cable trench is placed under the table.

The lamp smpé with LED lighting and optic lens.

For measurement and shapes see product sheet.


HUB and the cable trench is available in black or white.

The lamp Sempé is made out of steel and aluminum.


VX conference is eco-labeled with Svanen.

For more information see sustainability and environment.

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