VX project table

Design: Horreds

 Activity. Stability. Adaption. VX project table have everything that needs to get the job. The stable undercarriage can be used with desktops in every shapes and sizes. Use our accessory HUB and the table surface can simply be divided in to many separate work desks. HUB contains electric and network supply and create, together with accessories as desk screens and lighting, a private sphere when working.


Table height 72 or 92 cm.

For size and shapes, see product sheets.


Table top is available in laminate, veneer and desktop.

The angled legs are available in black and white metal, ash and oak.


For more info see Sustainability and environment.

Horreds_VX_Konf_4 Horreds_vx_projektbordHorreds_vx_projektbord_vx_pallHorreds_vx_projektbord_vx_pall_3Horreds_tetris_forvaring_VX_projektbord_pallHorreds_vx_projektbord_vx_pall_lambda_skarmHorreds_vx_projektbord_vx_pall_7Horreds_vx_projektbord_vx_pall_5Horreds_Pi_Ljudhuv_lampa_VX_projektbordHorreds_Pi_Ljudhuv_lampa_VX_projektbord_2