VX desk screen

Design: Horreds

VX desk screen is draped and sound absorbing. It’s available in many
different colors and fabrics. 


Height 600 mm (of which 500 mm over the desk)

2 different corner edges; radius 0 and radius 50.

Thickness 35 mm.

Rail for accessories, Freewall, to be ordered separately. Maximum weight load 25 kg.

Black brackets.

Also suitable for desks Henry, Link and Fri.

There are also 2 independent side screens for placement on the desk.

For dimensions and shapes: see Product Sheet.



Gabriel: Event Screen / Hush / Soul / Twist / Twist Melange

Camira: Cara / Blazer Lite / Blazer

Nevotex: Rock

Kvadrat: Remix / Floyd Screen


For more information see sustainability and environment

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