If you´re going to be a rebel, do it with a purpose

per-olaThis year, we’re celebrating Horreds’ 80th anniversary. My grandfather Sven, set up business as a cabinet maker in 1936 at the age of 25. Right from the outset, the company was taking custom commissions for our cupboards, tables and chairs. We’re now re-launching a chair designed by Fredrik Mattson. We’ve always been fascinated by future needs – at work and in the home. This year, we’re showcasing the meeting place, the softer zone of an interior or space which gets creative juices flowing, skills to come together and blue-sky ideas to become reality.

Per-Ola Johansson, Horreds


We’re into thinking out of the box. Which is why we challenge conventional concepts and create interiors to cater to behaviours and lifestyles, as opposed to just turning out a product.


People often say about flavours that “they blend in your mouth”. We have the same view of our love of materials, our passion for form and our desire to give every detail the same high-quality finish. We take pride in our partnerships with furniture designers and interior architects. Together, we create stylish furniture that synergises with its surroundings, brings added edge, and blends readily with future updates.


Our surroundings have naturally influenced us and our approach to furniture making. Words like “local” and “long-term” have been embedded in our company culture since its inception in 1936. The mission of creating furniture made to last and serve a life-long purpose. Designs which make an impression but have minimum impact on our natural environment. We are committed to manufacturing our furniture with pride. Just like granddad did.