Horreds Möbel chooses the path

Between Varberg and Borås in Sweden there is a brilliant exception to an unwritten rule. The one who says that in times of crisis you should wait with investments, shrink expenses and wait with big decisions. In the midst of a pandemic, Horreds Möbel does not hesitate to choose another path. The investment of 24 million SEK ( 2.4 millions EURO) is the largest in the company’s history.

Despite the fact that the company received its fair share of the worst economic downturn in modern times, it is not failing faith in the future. Horreds Möbel is investing energetically in the future. CEO Per-Ola Johansson gives some background to the company future focus:

– When my grandfather Sven as a 25-year-old carpenter started the company in 1936, he was shaped by the barren the landscape around Horred. Being persistent and seeing opportunities characterized him and his business idea. Namely, to work in harmony with what nature offers and make it as good and nuturing as possible. A Horredsmöbel should, according to grandfather “last a lifetime”. I can say that Sven’s legacy lives on in the company, to a very high degree.

High on the wish list
According to Per-Ola, this positive attitude is an important DNA in the company’s culture. To see the possibilities and to do what you are good at to the best of one’s ability . The company’s increased investment is completely in line with this heritage. Per-Ola continues:

– A few years ago, we looked around for opportunities to streamline our customer made to order production of furniture for offices and work related meeting places. High on the wish list was a high-performance coating machine.

We needed to get a better flow in painting and varnishing. At the same time we wanted to increase our flexibility, capacity and ability to manufacture according to our customers own non-standard requirements. In our research we did find a coating machine but discovered much more.

Different needs, same solution
It would turn out that the kitchen manufacturer Epoq was, at the very same time also searching for coating machines for their kitchen production. Epoq’s kitchens are sold through all Swedish Elgiganten stores and has a production of about 24,000 kitchen fittings per year.

Epoq was also looking for a quality manufacturer of doors, drawers and door fronts for bespoke kitchen fittings. As the two companies path crossed and started talking, consensus arose and Horreds ordered not only a coating machine but also a robotic saw/cutting machine.

– Yes, it was a nice addition with two more very large machines; a high performance saw/cutting machine and a CNC varnising machine both managed by a robotic storage system. In meters, there will be a production area of almost 1100 square meters. With this investment, we take the company to a whole new level. In addition, we increase our flexibility and capacity to meet the more design, quality and environmentally conscious customers.

To dig where you stay
Horreds Möbler is a family owned/managed company and is very proud of its long history with deeply rooted commitment to the environment. Horreds has developed from the same location and land for more than 85 years.
The brand is carefully managed and the culture is characterized by a proud identity and courage to continue their own path. That Horreds progress and invest big rather than staying put or lowering the capacity – when the world is on its knees – should perhaps not surprise anyone.

See the light in the tunnel
Per-Ola summarizes:
– Today we reach our clients in seven European markets within 24 hours by road transport. Our delivery security is around 96-97% and we provide a 10-year guarantee on our products. The number of complaints including transport damage is usually just under 300 per year. To some extent, we have thus far succeeded in meeting grandfather’s ambition that a piece of furniture from Horreds should last a lifetime. Our major investment means that we can see beyond the present global crisis. We choose to see the light in the tunnel and continue to strengthen our premium position in the long term, at the same time as we radically can broaden our customer range and bespoke options.

In other words, the new year has given our furniture factory a flying start.