We want to thank everyone for all the attention we got at Stockholm furniture fair.

We are very proud of our new products and our beautiful stand (designed by Fredrik Mattson). Thank you Fredrik!

We presented 12 news at the fair.

8 of theese are in our ordinary price list and can be bought with normal delivery time:

Nomono 380 new storage system, design Fredrik Mattson

Monosoft sofas ,design Fredrik Mattson

Siglo table with a flap which can be opened, design Henrik Schulz

Lambda floor screen, design Tengboms

Potomac new pouffes, design Anki Gneib

Potomac coffe table and container, Design Anki Gneib

Time conference table, design MER

VX conference table

Theese new products are available for delivery at week 15.

PI, design Tengboms

Kappa, design Tengboms

Exo-trolley, design Tengboms

Exo-hanger, design Tengboms

PS We would like to embrace tree and the different variations in tree we had on the fair,  whitepigmented oak, smoked oak and ash are really beautiful! Ds

All news are available at our website.

Don’t forget to download our new magazine!!

Your friends from Horreds

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