Fri conference accessories


Fri was created for creative furnishing with emphasis on mobility and flexibility. FRI offers a variety of shapes and combinations to put your personal touch on the furniture. FRI was rewarded with “Utmärkt Svensk Form” for its innovative design.


To Fri conference table a cable lid in tree is most often used. Length 60 cm.

Choose between a Bi-Box or a Top Access Conference including a cable tray. With the Bi-box a Power Inlay can be used. Choose between 3 electricity supplies and 2 network supplies or 2 electricity supplies, networg, VGA, sound and HDMI.


Fri cable lid is available in the same material as the table.

Bi-box is available in white or black. Top Access Conference is available in silver, white or chrome.


Fri is eco-labeled with Svanen.

For more information see sustainability and environment.

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