Nomono desk accessories


With Nomono there is integrated cable boxes which hides the cable clutter which usually occurs at offices. The box is close at hands for the laptop or phone charger. It can also be provided with an USB-port or other technique connecting the office. Other accessories are letter and pen boxes moveable from side to side. These come in seven different colors just as the table box. White, black, red, green, blue, yellow and orange.

There is also a lamp especially designed for Nomono -“Gloria”- from Zero, as well as a monitor arm and a laptop shelf.

The desks height is adjusted with a controller milled into the table. 


Nomono accessories are available in seven different colors. pick between:

White NCS S 0300-N
Black NCS S 9000-N
Yellow NCS S 1070-Y
Green NCS S 2570-G30Y
Red NCS S 1580-Y80R
Blue NCS S 0540-B30G
Orange NCS S 1080-Y50R

See color chart.


Nomono is available in white laminate, ebonized oak and desktop. see product sheet for color chart.

Gables is available in white laminate and black oak.

For color chart on handles and accessories see product sheet.

Cable lid is made out of the same material as the table. The corners are polished MDF.


Nomono is eco-labeled with Svanen and also labeled with Möbelfakta.

For more information see sustainability and environment

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