Siglo storage accessories


The storage Siglo I comes with inside sliding doors and a 100 mm high base. Siglo II has sliding doors on the outsdide and a thicker bottom. There is also a side storage to Siglo.

drawer-/door input in direct laminate with lacquered fronts. Is available with two or three drawers or with a door without lock. The inputs are 33 cm high and 33,7 cm deep. The width differs between the different models.

To the storage you can get regular drawers, hanging maps, hanging map boxes and a C4-cassette.


Input: Base in white direct laminate, doors in white lacquere. Fronts available in optional NCS or ebonized oak.


Siglo is eco-labeled with Svanen and also labeled with Möbelfakta.

For more information see sustainability and environment.

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