VX Conference


VX Conference table is built on an unique metal undercarriage especially adapted after the stringent requirements modern users have. It’s built on a massive foot, a quadratic pipe and a “house” under the table top which applies stability in the whole system.

We offer a HUB to the conference tables. With the HUB it’s easy to divide a table into smaller workplaces for the activity based office.

The HUB gives the user power and data supply. You can easily connect electricity and computers with the HUB. As addition to the HUB there’s lighting, desk screens and movable screens.


Through the leg cabling can be dragged from the floor up to the tabletop.

The HUB is used to divide a bigger table top into smaller work places for the activity based office. HUB supplies the user with power.

For measurements and shapes se product sheets.


VX Conference table is available in oak, beech, birch, ebonized oak, white pigmented oak, ash, ebonized ash, white pigmented ash, laminate and desktop. 

Undercarriage in white, black, silver or chrome, available in height 72,90 and 106 cm.


VX Conference is eco-labeled with Svanen and also labeled with Möbelfakta.

For more information see sustainability and environment

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