#2: Longing for reality and meetings

More and more people are now releasing the pause button, adapting as quickly as possible to a new reality.

What will the post-Covid-19 office space look like? In three articles we share insights from our own trend analysis. Here is our second set of insights.


Man is still human
Thanks to all technical, digital, artificial, and web-based options, virtual meetings are today more personal and engaging than ever before. Yet, nothing beats the real meeting, face to face. Something the ongoing pandemic has reminded us of.

Many businesses depend on the interaction between people to properly function.


The anatomy of the meeting
The importance of the real face to face meeting has proven crucial for the establishment of long-term relationships and partnerships. Why is that so and what determines this? There are several factors, such as allowing participants to have full focus on each other without circumstances that steal attention or depend on the technology to work. This in turn contributes to a deeper interaction and more of our senses engaged. We only gain confidence and social attachment when we can read facial expressions, facial colour, and body language. The brain is an expert in perceiving small nuances. Helping, for instance, to reduce the number of misunderstandings and increase collective consensus.


We enjoy the flock
The personal meeting also gives us a richer sensory experience that helps cultivating confidence. We enjoy flocking, endorphins in the blood increase when we feel we belong, which in turn has positive effects on our reward system. Among other things, this makes us happier and we perform better. Digital meetings, on the other hand, tend to tire us out due to their intensity and high demand for concentration.


Facilitate meetings
Therefore, the modern workplace and the post-covid-19 office needs to be adapted to facilitate and stimulate physical meetings between people. Even when a pandemic complicate business operations. This will greatly affect both surfaces, furniture, and premises in the long term. Reality and normality are no longer what they once were. We humans have though the same need we’ve always had – to meet each other. The next article is about 6 guidelines for adaptation.

Source: The Guardian, Forbes, Washington Post, Work Design Magazine

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