Processing of Personal Data

As of today, December 1, 2017, Horreds Möbel AB has instituted the following policy.

We care about your integrity. You must be able to feel safe when you share your personal data
with us. That is why we instituted this policy. It is based on the current data protection
regulations and clarifies how we protect your rights and your integrity.
The purpose of this policy is for you to know how we process your personal data, what they are
used for, who may have access to them and under which conditions, and how you can exercise
your rights.

We process your personal data primarily to fulfill our obligations toward you. Our basic
obligation is to process no more data than is necessary for the purpose, and to always use the
data that are the least sensitive.
We also need your personal information to provide good service, such as for deliveries,
marketing, follow-up, and information. We may also need your personal data to fulfill legal
requirements and perform customer and marketing analyses.
You have the right to object to our use of your personal data for direct marketing. The first time
we gather your personal data we will inform you of this and of how you can object.

Which personal data do we process?
We process personal data only when we have a legal basis to do so. We do not process
personal data unless they are needed to fulfill our contractual or legal responsibilities. Examples
of the personal data that we process:

  • Name
  • Business addressBilling address and other bank information
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Title
  • Username
  • Photographs
  • Information that you have voluntarily submitted
  • Content that you publish, often called user-generated content

How do we obtain access to your personal data?
We try to obtain your consent to the extent possible before processing your personal data. You
consent to the processing by accepting our general terms and conditions. When you agree to
those, you also agree to allow us to process your personal data.
You are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time. We then stop processing your personal
data or obtaining new data, except as needed to fulfill our contractual and legal obligations.
Remember, though, that withdrawing consent may prevent us from fulfilling our obligations
toward you.
We also obtain access to personal data that are:

  • Sent from you to us,
  • Saved when you visit our website,
  • Obtained from official databanks,
  • Included when you hire one of our employees,
  • Included when you subscribe to our newsletters and other mailings,
  • Gathered when you respond to polls and research, and Granted when you contact, visit, or otherwise approach us.

What information do we provide you?
When we gather your personal data for the first time, we will inform you about the manner in
which we have obtained the data, how we intend to use them, what rights you have under the
general data protection regulations, and how you can contact us if you have questions or need
to submit a claim or query about your personal data and/or rights.

Are your personal data processed in a safe way?
We are implementing routines and business processes designed to provide safeguards to
protect your data. A fundamental principle is that only employees and others within our
organization who need the personal data to perform their duties are permitted to have access
to them.

Regarding sensitive personal data, we have established dedicated identity checks, in order to
provide a higher level of security for your personal data.
Our security systems are developed with your integrity in mind and provide very high levels of
protection against breaches, erasure, and other events that may put your integrity at risk.
We employ several information-technology policies to ensure that your personal data are
processed securely.
We do not transfer personal data for any reasons other than those that are clearly stated in this

When do we grant others access to your personal data?
Our policy is founded on the principle to not share your personal data with third parties unless
you have consented or unless it is necessary to fulfill our contractual or legal obligations to you.
Any granting of third-party access to your personal data is governed by a confidentiality
agreement that ensures that your personal data is processed in a secure way.

Horreds Möbel AB is under obligation to protect your personal data, which means that we are
responsible for how your personal data is processed and that your rights are respected.

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