Be the Rebel
with a Purpose

Horreds manufactures and sells office and meeting furniture with many built-in added values. We summarize it with one word – “Rebel Quality” – which means that our products withstand wear and tear, design changes, and can be renewed time and time again. Long-term sustainability is also reflected in our environmental and quality certifications. We place great importance on every detail, such as surfaces, the feel of wood, stitching, and material combinations.

and design

The focus on service is strong among all employees at Horreds and influences every aspect of the delivery, which sometimes includes customizations and other requests. We can meet high demands because we manufacture furniture in our own factory in Horred, Sweden. Since 1936, our ambition has been to create lasting impressions with long-term and sustainable design. Be the rebel with a purpose.

For us, interior design has always been about much more than just furniture. It forms landscapes that are meant to support people, their flows, and different functions. Our focus is to contribute to environments where people feel comfortable, included, and where different functions are facilitated. Whether it’s collaboration, focused work, or relaxation, that’s what furniture design means to us – both then and now.


All furniture manufacturing takes place here in the mill town of Horred, in Western Sweden. With a few exceptions. It ranges from work desks and storage solutions to softer lounge furniture that finds its way into offices. But it can also be hotels, healthcare, schools, and care facilities.

Details and surfaces are something we are “nerds” about. With Northern Europe’s foremost and most environmentally friendly production lines for MDF and lacquered products, combined with our state-of-the-art paint room where we hand-spray all wooden components, we achieve a unique surface finish that captures the fine wood feeling.

Every detail is carefully considered in terms of function, quality, and with a long-term design perspective.


We are pleased to offer customizations for our customers, which are sometimes needed to complement interior projects. The knowledge we have about materials, wood, production techniques, well-thought-out details, and how different surfaces should be joined together gives our customers completely unique possibilities.


The majority of our furniture is made of wood. A fantastic, renewable material. Since the beginning, for over 80 years, we have worked with this material, which has given us a knowledge base on how to use wood in the best way.

Horreds is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and the majority of our products are marked with the Nordic Ecolable Svanen and Möbelfakta labels, which are three very important cornerstones.

We only use Green Electricity from hydropower plants, produced within a 10-kilometer radius of Horred. The wood waste we receive is reused as energy in our district heating system, which heats schools, nursing homes, healthcare centers, apartments, and houses in Horred.

All production is made to order with minimized waste and environmental impact. The majority of our furniture comes with a ten-year warranty. 

If you want to visit our factory, we can arrange it. Send us an email at


It was here, in the mill town of Horred, Sweden, that our grandfather Sven’s curiosity about the need for smart and functional furniture was awakened. At the age of 14, he began his journey in the furniture world by working for his father, who manufactured children’s and doll beds. It was his passion for craftsmanship and the unique character of wood materials that inspired Sven. At the age of 25, he purchased a piece of land to start Horreds Möbel in 1936.

Our culture is characterized by strong commitment and pride, built up over three generations. A continuity and passion that has influenced our work and made us who we are today. By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern innovations, we always strive to deliver high-quality furniture that exceeds the expectations of our customers. We are proud of our history and look forward to continuing our journey with a strong vision for the future.


Behind every furniture concept, there is a thoughtful design developed in collaboration with one or several designers and architects. It’s always about meeting needs and thinking from a user perspective. Our furniture includes classics like Nomono, Anne Shelf, A-Frame, and Log. Through long-standing relationships and close collaborations, we have gained a deep understanding of what our customers at Horreds need. Learn more about our furniture designers and architects.

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