A beautiful and comfortable chair was the starting point. Comfortable enough to be used as both a conference chair as well
as an office chair. A lot of prototypes have been tested and adjusted until the chair was comfortable and beautiful enough.

The chair resembles a chair made for racing, elegant, minimalistic and extremely practical. A beautiful seam together with
a good relation with suppliers give us a chair of high quality, combined with a competetive price.

A chair which goes perfect with our premium furnitre, something we’re extremely proud of.


Glove is available in two designs, high and medium. There’s also a variety of different statives who makes the chair perfect in any situation.

Stative in white, black, chrome, oak or ash.

For price classes fabrics, measurement and info, see product sheets.


Inside made out of molded cold foam with a metal base.

Stative in powder coating or chromed design.


For more information see sustainability and environment.

Horreds_Glove Horreds_glove_liten_stol_rosa_4ben2Horreds_glove_liten_stol_rosa_5benHorreds_glove_liten_stol_rosa_4benHorreds_glove_stor_stol_rosa_trabenHorreds_glove_stor_stol_rosa_4ben2Horreds_glove_stor_stol_rosa_4benHorreds_glove_stor_stol_rosa_5benHorreds_glove_stor_stol_turkos_trabenHorreds_glove_stor_stol_turkos_5benHorreds_glove_stor_stol_turkos_4ben2Horreds_glove_stor_stol_turkos_4benHorreds_glove_liten_stol_turkos_trabenHorreds_glove_liten_stol_turkos_5benHorreds_glove_liten_stol_turkos_4ben2Horreds_glove_liten_stol_turkos_4benHorreds_glove_stor_stol_lader_5ben_2Horreds_glove_stor_stol_rosa_5ben_3Horreds_glove_stor_stol_turkos_5ben_3Horreds_glove_stor_stolar_rosa_2Horreds_glove_stor_stolar_rosa