Mute Focus


In an active enviornment it can be difficult to focus. Get into Horred’s Mute Focus and forget about the outside world for a while. Here you get your own room where unimportant sounds are filtered out so you can think undisturbed and concentrated. Put two Mute Focus against each other and you have immediatley created a small room for work and conversation.

Our lower Mute Focus low is based on the same frame as Mute Focus but is made for open environments, e.g. project meetings or in a lounge environment. Mute Focus Low has all the accessories like Mute Focus, i.e. workspace, possibility to set the bag and electricity for charging.

Choose colours and materials and create harmonious compositions. 


Mute Focus: Width1200 mm. Depth 776 mm. Height 1480 mm. Seat height 46 cm.

Mute Focus Low: Width 1175 mm. Depth 776 mm. Height 780 mm. Seat height 46 cm.

Mute Focus and Mute Focus Low are delivered mounted, only the table needs to be assembled.

Cold foam padding.


  • White lacquer (NCS 0500-N)
  • Optional NCS
  • Veneer (oak, ash, black stained oak, dark stained ash, white pigmented oak and white pigmented ash).

Price ranges fabric, see Product sheets.


Fo information se Sustainability and environment.

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