May we ask for utmost silence?

In an active environment it can be difficult to focus. Sit in Horred’s Mute and forget about the world for a while. Here you get your own room where unimportant sounds are filtered out so that you can think undisturbed and concentrated. Place two Mute against each other and you have immediately created a small room for conversation. Choose colours and materials and create harmonious compositions.


Armchair and sofa. Seating height 46 cm. Total height including roof 148 cm.

Mute is delivered unassembled.

For models and measurements, see Product sheet.


Mute is available in white laqcuer, optional NCS and ash or oak veneer (nature/white pigmented/dark stained).

Price groups fabrics, see Product sheet.


For more information see sustainability and environment

Mute Mute soffa och fåtöljerMute fåtöljMute fåtöljMute fåtöljMute fåtöljMute soffa20.png Mute och Mute Focus