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Our strong commitment to sustainable development has always been a natural part of our business. With some help from Almi it is now in a report and an action plan. The report describes our most relevant focus areas that we continuously work with for our Agenda 2030 *. For each focus area we have set clear goals, activities, and actions.

We are a small company yet big enough to understand our impact on the environment around us, and therefore take responsibility. How? By acting in an ethical way, with transparency and openness, always keeping a perspective on how our decisions affect our customers, employees, suppliers, and society. We keep updated on laws, regulations, and general guidelines in all markets we are present in. We affirm Human Rights and raise awareness of our policies ensuring they are properly communicated.

* In 2015, UN member states adopted Agenda 2030. An action plan with 17 global goals for the transition to a sustainable society for people, the planet and prosperity.

Focus areas:

A2: Promoting healthy working conditions

Our employees are our most valuable resource. We take responsibility and raise the critical issues. We strive to be a workplace where everyone can develop their best personal skills, that ensures employee wellbeing and where equality prevails. Supports goal 8.

M2: Working for circular solutions and sustainable use of resources

By creating long lasting products and working with recycled material we ensure a smart and responsible way of working. We challenge our customers to think circular so to reduce waste and resource consumption while adding value for more people. For example, Horred’s furniture can be renovated with spare parts and surfaces exchange. Supports goals 8 and 12. 

K7: Enlighten customers and consumers

We contribute to a more sustainable consumption by enlightening our customers on

the environmental impact their choices have and how our products can be the conscious choice for the climate. With our furniture, we create a strong expression with the smallest imprint. Supports goals 8 and 12.

E4: A sustainable value chain

As far as we can, we promote and work for a sustainable value chain. We are well on our way through our commitment to Möbelfakta and the Nordic Ecolabel.

We spread our values and together we can achieve more. Supports goals 8 and 12.

M1: Prevent pollution

We want to contribute to a cleaner world by taking as much responsibility as we can. We prevent and minimize pollution, waste, and emissions, for example by using only local green electricity. Furthermore, all our wood waste is reused as energy in our district heating system and all our electricity is bought within a 30km distance. Supports goals 7, 9 and 12.

S1: To get involved in the local community

Our local community is important, and we actively engage with it in several areas.

Because we care and cherish for it, our mill town. Deep in our hearts.

Thus, making conscious decisions, such as choice of suppliers, is critical. Wherever we can contribute, locally, we try to, because we want to be a part of the development of communities and contexts in which we operate. All waste energy is supplied to our local district heating plant and all electricity is purchased within 30 km. Supports goal 8.


Our sustainable journey

After having identified and established concrete focus areas where we can have the greatest impact on creating value for ourselves, and the world around us, we now have a clearer plan. Following the pace of development, we will gradually adapt our business to become even more sustainable. We will explore circular economy and its opportunities, with the aim to always be one step ahead of the game. We aim for international markets where we can make a strong contribution to sustainable development so to enable a win-win-win for us, our stakeholders and society at large.


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