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Early last spring, we made a number of interviews with some of our customers, collaborators, and friends. That’s why we are now highlighting our strengths in a more clear way and hope to become a source of inspiration for you!

Inspiration – furniture and interior design

On horreds.se, you will find inspiration right on the homepage in the form of visual material and the latest news. There is a feature under the Product menu called Settings, which is divided into different functions such as Lounge, Co-working, or Eat & Socialize, just to open up for new ideas. We have gathered all our references under “Projects“.

If you have a project where we are involved, feel free to share images and text material with us and we will publish it. Here, both you and we gain exposure and inspire more people. You can also follow us on Instagram for more inspiration.

Horreds USP’s

By highlighting what sets us apart from other brands, it becomes easier to find the facts that may be needed for procurement, such as environmental and quality certifications, or information about our factory in Horred, Sweden. It also brings closeness to our manufacturing and understanding of our thinking, both big and small.

Examples of our strengths are that the majority of our furniture is made in Sweden, and our high environmental and quality standards for everything from materials and surfaces to compositions and aesthetics. “Rebel Quality” means exactly that – developing products that are long-lasting and can be renewed again and again.

Product information

Each piece of furniture has been given clearer information and descriptions. Here, you can also find related products and links, such as to PCON (this feature is being expanded further on). If there is something you are missing, feel free to contact us. We are always here to assist you and provide the information you need.

Special adaptions, reuse and our love for wood

Under the Product menu and Custom section, you will find links to Customization and Reuse. Here, you will find how we work to develop complementary custom carpentry in projects and our approach to reuse with long-term preservation of what one has.

You will find our story under “About Horreds“. Here, you can also read about our furniture manufacturing in Horred, our techniques, our love for wood, and information about one of Northern Europe’s most advanced and environmentally friendly lacquering machine. Under this tab, you will also find information about the designers we collaborate with.


As you have probably noticed, a lot is happening in our company; design events, news, and updates of our furniture, and not least our trend spotting. Under News, you will find everything current. Subscribe to our design newsletter (you will find the link at the bottom of the address) to receive an inspiring summarized essence every month in your inbox.

Feed and input

If you want to contribute news, projects, and input or if there is something you are missing, please feel free to email me at pej@horreds.se

//Per-Ola Johansson

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