Horred’s Personal Storage


About the product

Horred’s personal storage consists of a frame in white direct laminate.

All frames are 432 mm deep. Depth 500 mm as an option.

The frames are available in 4 different heights and with different heights on doors to be able to personalize the cabinets.

Then we can, if you want, dress the frames with cover boards in all the materials and surface treatments that we manufacture at our factory. The fronts are also available in the same materials.

We have a number of nice accessories such as various locks, keyboard holders, charging options, flower boxes, etc.

  • Frame in white direct laminate coated chipboard.
  • Doors in veneer, white lacquer and optional NCS.
  • Doors have damped hinges.
  • Electronic locks: Mifare 13,56 MHz.
  • Network-based locks agains quotation.
  • Removable shelves are ordered separately.
  • Top shelves, side covers and plinth fronts are optional.
  • High unit 1728mm must be fixed/anchored to the wall.
  • When ordering, specify whether doors should be hung right (H) or left (V).

Care advice

Frames: White direct laminate, closest NCS S0300-N (31).

Doors white lacquer: NCS S0300-N (31).

Doors white direct laminate (VX only): closest NCS S0300-N.

Doors coloured lacquer: Optional NCS (99).

Doors veneer group 1: Oak (03), Ash (06).

Doors veneer group 2: Black oak (73), Dark ash (76), White oak (30), White ash (10).


Biblio: Milled-out grip with veneer behind. Design Andersson & Voll.

Siglo: Round recess with ring and plate in white, black, brass and stainless steel. Design Henrik Schulz.

Tetris: Knob in stainless steel, brass and coppar. Design Front Design.

VX: Smooth door without handle. Doors without locks have a push-to-open function.


Horred’s Personal Storage is labeled with Svanen and Möbelfakta. For more information see sustainability and environment.



PCON catalogue You can find all our solutions in dwg format in our PCON catalogue. If you are missing something, you are welcome to contact us and we will provide you with what you need

PCON catalogue


Furniture to love for a long time

Repurposing not only means renovating existing furniture, but it is also an investment choice for the future. We often receive orders for new table tops and bases, new parts for soft furnishings, cabinet conversions for personal storage and more. In addition, you can often find Horred’s furniture in second-hand shops, where the resale value is still relatively high. Our philosophy when it comes to reuse is to invest in sustainable furniture from the start. This benefits both you as a customer and the environment. Horred’s furniture is almost 100% reusable or recyclable.

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