A beautiful and comfortable chair was the starting point. Comfortable enough to be used as both a conference chair as well as an office chair. A lot of prototypes have been tested and adjusted until the chair was comfortable and beautiful enough.

The chair resembles a chair made for racing, elegant, minimalistic and extremely practical. A beautiful seam together with a good relation with suppliers give us a chair of high quality, combined with a competetive price.

A chair which goes perfect with our premium furniture, something we’re extremely proud of.


Glove is available in two designs, high and medium. There’s also a variety of different bases who makes the chair perfect in any situation.

Inside made out of molded cold foam with a metal base.

Powder coated base in 4 st different model and 1 wooden base:

  • 5-wing aluminum base with castors ,swivel and tilt, adjustable height 43-53 cm.
  • 5-wing metal base with castors and swivel, fixed height 45 cm (Option: adjustable height 43-52 cm).
  • 4-wing aluminum base, with and without castors, swivel.
  • 4-leg metal base.
  • 4-leg wooden base.


Metal base: black, white and chrome.

Aluminum base: black, white and polished aluminum.

Wooden base: ash or oak (nature/white pigmented/dark stained).

For price classes fabrics, measurement and info, see product sheets.


Glove is labeled with Möbelfakta.

For more information see sustainability and environment.

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