May we ask for utmost silence?

To sit in Mute is an experience. It is surprising how much difference there is noisewise on the outside and inside. With its upholstered walls and ceiling, it feels just like sitting in a completely different room.

The uses are many, depending on how you choose to place Mute. Setting the two sofas facing each other increases the feeling of space and the silence is almost total. A lone mute is like its own little thought bubble. Concentration. Where did the world go?


Seating height 46 cm.

Mute is delivered unassembled.

For price classes fabrics, shapes and measurement, see product sheet.


Mute is available in white laqcuer, optional NCS or veneer.

Prices fabric, press here.


For more information see sustainability and environment

Mute Mute soffa och fåtöljerMute fåtöljMute fåtöljMute fåtöljMute fåtöljMute fåtöljMute soffaMute soffaMute soffa och fåtöljerMute soffa och fåtöljer, Tool och Nomono konferens