Mute floor


May we ask for utmost silence?

To sit in Mute Floor is an experience. It is surprising how much difference there is noisewise on the outside and inside. With its upholstered walls and ceiling, it feels just like sitting in a completely different room.

Mute floor takes off in the old time phone booth.  In Mute Floor you’re seated comfortable and work concentrated for a short moment. Its not just the obvious advantage with the silence, you also signal to you co-workers that you want a moment for yourself.

Our new models are built on the success of the sofasystem Mute.


Seating height 46 cm. Total height 1800 mm.

Padding in cold foam.

Mute Floor is delivered assembled, Mute Floorx2 and Mute Floorx4 is delivered unassembled

For measurements and shapes see product sheet.


Mute Floor is created in white lacquer, optional NCS or ash and oak veneer (nature/white pigmented/dark stained).

For price groups fabrics, see Product sheets.


For more information see sustainability and environment

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