Nomono T work desk


Working habits today differs from what they did twenty years ago. Today people work on laptops, use cell phones rather than landline phones and few letters are handwritten. The cellular office is in the past. The work places has to change with the working method.

We think it’s important that work places look different. Nomono can be customized for your liking. Chose accessories and coloring to match your taste or business profile. Nomono is specially designed to work in open office spaces. 

Nomono is a thoroughly worked through work desk. A reliable, competent and good looking co-worker. 


Nomono T is made out of 19mm PDF straight matching edges. Corner radius 0.

Milled height lever to the right on the table top.

Cable lid placed on left side and is ordered separately.

Electrical legs with built in anti-collision technology. 

For measurements and shapes see product sheet.


Table top in white laminate, ebonized oak, ebonized ash, white pigmented oak, white pigmented ash, oak or ash.

legs in white, black or chrome. 


Nomono T is eco-labeled with Svanen and also labeled with Möbelfakta.

For more information see sustainability and environment

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