John Gullberg, 39 years old, is a student in the project management program for furniture and interior design at Tibro Handicraft Academy. He lives in Sätila and has a strong passion for sustainability, with a focus on Agenda 2030. During his education, he completed an eight-week LIA internship with us at Horreds Möbel, where he worked with reuse.

Education and Internship

John’s interest in sustainability was sparked early on and was further strengthened through his education. The internship at Horreds Möbel gave him the opportunity to work with reuse and sustainability issues. He participated in the work on the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and contributed to Horreds’ reuse initiative by publishing furniture on Greenified, a platform for reuse.

Photography and Inventory

John placed great emphasis on photographing the furniture and built a photo studio to create an attractive visual presentation. This initiative was well received by Horreds’ management, and he developed a guide for Greenified photography to ensure a uniform and appealing presentation of the furniture. After photographing, he conducted an inventory and pricing with a focus on uniformity and customer value.

Sustainability Vision and Future Outlook

John is convinced that Horreds Möbel will emerge as a winner when import requirements are tightened, thanks to established and sustainable manufacturing. He envisions a future where small-scale and long-term sustainable design dominate, and he wants to phase out “fast fashion” in the furniture industry in favor of long-term sustainable furniture.

Personal Commitment

For John, sustainability is a personal matter. He has two teenage children and is committed to creating a sustainable future for them. John is also interested in organic food and sustainable materials. As a furniture maker, he designs and builds furniture for his own home when time allows.

Summary from John’s Report:

Horreds Möbel has large amounts of furniture from fairs, test models, and prototypes in storage. John’s task was to use the Greenified platform to photograph, describe, and publish these pieces of furniture for sale, aiming to avoid discarding fully functional furniture. He built a photo studio, created a uniform photo style, and developed a working model for future reuse at Horreds Möbel. His work contributed to giving new life to furniture that otherwise remained in Horreds’ storage.

John Gullberg is a valuable asset in the furniture and interior design industry, with a strong passion for sustainability and long-term solutions. We wish John all the best!

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